Economic efficiency plays a key role when deciding between new purchases or retrofits. On older machines, the mechanics are still in good to very good condition. Therefore, often only the exchange of the automation is necessary in order to exploit performance reserves and bring the machine up to the latest state of the art.

Replacing the PLC is the most important part. In the case of older or exotic models, it is very difficult or impossible to use spare parts in the event of a defect. A downtime of several weeks would be the result. This risk is minimized when retrofitting to current PLC technology and BSG's ONE system family.

Another advantage is the renewal of the operating structure by installing a modern operator panel. The often existing "button control" with large control panels is replaced by the modern ONEoperate display solution. More efficient plant operation is achieved by presetting start-up parameters and accessing a recipe database.

Another advantage is the possibility of integrating the system into other systems via bus technology. This creates the technical prerequisites for recording and archiving important production and manufacturing data.

An example: With extruder controls, the mechanical part is usually still in good condition and does not have to be replaced. A retrofit is a very good way to bring the complete system up to date. The individual controllers that are still frequently found in this segment can then be adopted or integrated into the new automation system. Feeding controls, conveyor system controls and pelletizer controls etc. are combined under a complete automation system and can easily be integrated into the company's internal IT structure.