The cast film lines usually consist of several extruders with one main component and several secondary components. These are metered into the extruders via dosing scales. The liquid plastic is applied to a casting roll in several layers via a feed block.

The ONEoperate system is used as standard for cast film lines. It consists of an operator panel, depending on the industrial environment in key or touch version. The user interface is optimized for the requirements of the machine. The system guides your operating personnel logically through the individual process steps up to the start of production. Depending on the application and system size, several ONEoperate systems can also be used.

Operator Panel
Operator Panel
Further units can be added to the cast film lines:
  • Conveying systems (silages, vacuum conveying, separators)
  • Heating/cooling mixer
  • Screen changer
  • Melt pump
  • Chill-Roll System

Functionalities of the other ONE systems can be adapted to the control system. With a connection to ONEexchange a comprehensive order, recipe handling and process data analysis is possible.

Automation can be extended with various interfaces for data exchange with external systems. All common bus systems such as Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet and Modbus TCP can be implemented without any problems.

Schema Cast-Anlage
Scheme Cast Plant