Extruder systems are designed for a variety of industrial applications. The ONE system family is designed to control every conceivable type of extrusion line. The control system can be expanded modularly so that system components can be added at any time. The hardware used is individually adapted to the respective system depending on the application and customer requirements.

The ONEoperate system guides the operating personnel logically through the individual process steps up to the start of production. ONEoperate is installed at a central point in the plant. At this point the operator can operate and control the complete system. Operating systems of other system components are not necessary for production control, as all information and operating functions are available in ONEoperate via bus connections.

By installing additional ONE systems, you can add many functions to your system. ONEexchange provides you with comprehensive order and recipe handling. Furthermore, you can store and extensively analyze your production data (OEE, Cpk, Track&Trace, etc.). ONEview gives you an overview of all your production facilities in your control room.

The system is optimized for the following extruder and line types:
  • Single-screw extruder
  • Twin-screw extruder
  • Planetary roller extruder
  • Co-Extrusion lines
  • Direct extrusion lines
  • Total extrusion lines (see further aggregates)

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Extrusion line diagram
Extrusion line diagram