ONEview is the central information point for the condition of your production plants in a control room.

ONEview offers the following functions for this purpose:

  • General overview of a production plant
  • Visual display of the aggregate status
  • Visual representation of the material paths that are dynamically generated at runtime
  • Service operation for interlock-free switching actuators on and off

Further modules of the ONE system family can be integrated to make ONEview even more powerful.

This extends the functions to include:

  • Machine data acquisition and comprehensive analysis (ONEdatagate)
  • Evaluation of machine states (ONEevent)
  • Tracing and tracking of production (ONEexchange)

With these functions a quick analysis of the condition of your production plant(s) is possible without any problems. The structured, graphical representation of the ONEview production visualization is optimized for the requirements in a control room. Fast response times with maximum flexibility save time and costs. ONEview is well equipped to expand your production. ONEview is based on the Siemens WinCC software system.