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Production and process optimisation through automation

ONEexchange closes the gap between planning data in ERP systems and real machine data. ONEexchange also masters the logistics within production.

Decisions are based on real data from your production. This real data is generated by seamless recording of machine and production data, making production transparent.

ONEexchange Pyramide

A tool for digitising your Production

Dashboard ONEexchange Programm mit Übersicht der Maschinenaufträge
The implementation of this holistic solution offers you the following advantages, among others:
  • Seamless recording of plant data and recording of parameter changes by the operator.
  • continuous, digital production data transfer to the operator
  • reliable, automated and error-free material transport
  • permanent overview and optimisation of storage capacities
  • completely independent compilation of required mixing ratios of small components
  • Data aggregation through reporting creates transparency


Interface to a control system

Your control system can be directly connected to the ONEexchange system via OPC-UA. In this way, data can be exchanged bidirectionally online.

Interface to IT systems

Existing IT systems are integrated, be it ERP or laboratory systems, databases or simple Excel tables. All existing data sources can be used and centralised.

Order handling

Orders can be transferred directly to the control system completely digitally without manual input. This eliminates all sources of error and time loss.

Data acquisition

Thanks to the control interface, machine data can be recorded. In addition, all data changes are logged. All material bookings can be tracked with the help of Track&Trace.

Dashboard & Reporting

Customisable dashboards and comprehensive reports provide a deep insight into production, online or historically.


ONEexchange can react to any event before, during and after production and automatically calculate and distribute all data.

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