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Construction of a new automated Production Plant

You are planning to build a production plant according to the latest possibilities of digitalised production? This way you can exploit the potential right from the start and produce efficiently in the long term.

Our solution

Automation of an existing Plant

Automating a production plant has many advantages: it increases efficiency and productivity, frees up personnel resources for more demanding activities and reduces the susceptibility to errors. But: depending on the plant, automation can be a very complex process for which expertise and a lot of experience are essential.

Our solution

Automatisierung einer Package Unit

Package Units zu automatisieren erfordert standardisierte Engineering-Lösungen, damit ein Rad ins nächste greift. Für den Erfolg sind die richtigen Prozesse und Engineering-Werkzeuge vonnöten.

Our solution

Modernisation of an automated Production Plant

You are faced with the decision whether to modernize your automated plant or to buy a new one? Especially for older machines with good mechanics, modernization and replacement of the automation are often the more economically reasonable way.

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Ganzheitliche Automatisierung aller Produktionsabläufe

Do you not only want to automate your production, but also all upstream and downstream internal processes? This only works if the interfaces between the systems interact smoothly. Therefore, individual solutions are required that are tailored to your needs.

Our solution