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Optimize your production with our customized package unit controls.

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Control technology can be this simple

Our approach is based on working out your specific requirements together with you and developing an individually tailored package unit control solution on this basis. From our company history, we are particularly well equipped for the development of such package unit controls. Here, our own developed engineering tool ONEtool is used, which aims at generating reproducible and easily maintainable solutions.

Easy operability

As an independent automation provider, we offer our customers a solution that is tailored to each package unit without the need for specific expert knowledge on the part of the operators - for less susceptibility to errors.

The HMI interface for operation is easy to use and clear - regardless of which machine or system you purchase. Our control system enables seamless integration into existing production processes and minimizes training time for employees.

Interfaces to upstream and downstream aggregates

Our controls can be easily coordinated with other components of the plant to ensure that the entire plant operates effectively and produces the desired product.

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Expandable system

Our control system provides you with the basis for a comprehensive automation solution that can be expanded from package unit control to automation of the entire plant.

You can drive the digital transformation of your plant step by step. In the process, all systems interlock and enable seamless integration of the new technology into your existing production environment.

  • "With our control system, you lay the foundation towards holistic production optimization. Our systems can be expanded as required and all interlock seamlessly thanks to suitable interfaces. For your path to Industry 4.0."

    Felix Schlesinger, Automation Expert
    since 2006 at BSG
  • "In the meantime, we do series control in our sleep. Whereby we are wide awake during individual programming ;-) We are best tuned to controls, so take advantage of our experience."

    Michael Wierz, PLC Programming
    since 2002 at BSG
  • "Before a control panel is delivered by us to the customer, it is assembled, wired and thoroughly tested at our premises under the strictest quality standards. After completion of the control panels, a series of tests are carried out depending on the overall project."

    Benita Wollenberg, Electronics Technician
    since 2022 at BSG
  • Portrait Rainer Merissen Geschäftsleitung

    "We have invested intensively in the automation of industrial serial machines since our company was founded. We have grown up with this area and our employees are looking forward to automating your serial plant together with you as well."

    Rainer Merissen, CEO
    since 1995 at BSG

Intensive experience with the control in the following areas

Extruder controls

Our extruder control offers you an efficient solution for the automation of your production. Intuitive operation and the central control concept allow you to control your line easily and quickly. With ONEoperate, you have a personalized, turnkey solution that runs 100% smoothly and reliably.

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Underwater pelletizing controls

Experience optimal pelletizing with our underwater pelletizing controls. With our systems, you get precise and reliable control that ensures maximum product quality and productivity.

Infrared rotary pipe / dryer

A precise infrared rotary pipe/dryer control system is the key to efficient and cost-effective drying of materials in industrial processes. Our solution is perfectly tailored to our customers' needs and offers a simple and intuitive user interface for fast and effective control. 

Vacuum plants

Our advanced technology provides reliable control of your plant so you can focus on the essential aspects of your operation. From regulating vacuum to monitoring critical parameters, our control gives you the oversight and peace of mind you need to take your production to the next level.

We also successfully transfer this know-how to other machine automation systems.

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