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With ONEexchange - a groundbreaking solution that combines automation engineering and IT technology - you have the opportunity to network and manage your entire production. Our modular system allow us to develop a customized solution for the specific requirements of your production plant.

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Production optimization through automation and digitization

Struggling with inefficient production that results in lost time and money? Handover points where materials and information are transported manually are a source of errors and misunderstandings. 

We revolutionize your production by providing our personalized ONEexchange modular system that automates and digitalizes your machines, production lines and plants, creating highly efficient and transparent production.

Modular structure for individual requirements

Your production, your plant, your employees and your product are individual. To analyze your needs, we analyze the machine and planning landscape together with you. This way, we can determine exactly which components of ONEexchange you need. The individual modules can be expanded at any time.


Connects ONEexchange with the machine data.


The monitoring and analysis tool for process and plant values.

Machine Order

Offline planning becomes online machine orders.

Change Log

Changes to manipulated variables and parameters become visible.

RFID Login

Allows a quick login without wasting time.

Track & Trace

Material movements are comprehensively recorded.


Archiving the results of material samples.


Evaluation of overall plant effectiveness.

Shift Book

Electronic information assigned to the order.

Web Client

Users can access ONEexchange from any device.

User Management

Management of users working with the system.

ERP Connector

The bridge between planning (ERP) and production.


Quick insight into the most important and up-to-date data.

Bye-bye Excel chaos: Reduce media breaks

No more unnecessary media breaks, no more paper documentation, no more misunderstandings. With our solution, communication between the planning level and the operators becomes seamless and efficient. 

With ONEexchange, operators have access to the latest data and instructions at all times, directly on their digital devices. The risk of misinterpretation or outdated information is minimized. 

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Seamless recording of plant data and recording of parameter changes

No more manual recording, no more time-consuming search for information.

Through seamless recording, we create transparency and traceability in your production process. Changed parameters are immediately traceable for you at every point. You can quickly identify potential problems, analyze trends and maximize the efficiency of your plants. 

More efficiency through precise material handling and error-free transport

Imagine how much time and resources you could save if the material transport in your production chain ran smoothly. With ONEexchange, you have the assurance that the right material is in the right place at the right time. Our automated functions ensure that material transport is carried out precisely and reliably.

Überblick über Materialstände

Permanent overview of material stocks and optimization of storage capacities

No unnecessary stock space, no bottlenecks, no excess stock. Our solution allows you to precisely manage and use your resources.

Gain detailed insights for planning orders, replenishment management, and just-in-time delivery to minimize unnecessary stocking costs.

Datagate module for 
Data Superuser

The ONEexchange module DATAGATE is responsible for reporting. Digital data recording enables you to seamlessly track and document process data. You receive real-time data and comprehensive reports that give you valuable insights into the performance of your production. This gives you the opportunity to identify inconsistencies at an early stage, ensure quality assurance and minimize wastage. 

Your solution for maximum production efficiency. Get started today.

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