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Old machines with new power: Update machines quickly and cost-effectively.

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Outdated productions burn money

You have an outdated production plant with obsolete controls and would like to bring your production processes up to date? We offer you a solution: our retrofit service. Compared to a new machine, your investment costs for a retrofit are only about one fifth of a new purchase.

A lot of downtime, no replacement components

Often, the existing electrotechnical equipment no longer meets the required state of the art and safety standard. The procurement of replacement components is difficult and often no longer possible. This can lead to unplanned downtimes and high maintenance costs.

Old machines can't keep up

If your old machines can no longer keep up with requirements, you face major challenges. Outdated controls are more vulnerable to errors and can lead to high downtimes. No production means less sales and a competitive disadvantage.

Dependence on individual employees

The operation of changing systems is error-prone and the training of new employees is time-consuming. As a result of fluctuation (eg. due to age), know-how about the existing plants is leaving the company.

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What obstacles are preventing you from achieving a more efficient production?

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"We're not going to rebuild our machine while everything is still kind of running."
"Is a retrofit even enough to achieve significant improvements and benefits?"
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"During the changeover, my machine is at a standstill for too long. We can't afford that."
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Give your machine a new life

Retrofitting is particularly suitable for machines where the mechanics make up the majority of the costs. Often, the control system of such a plant is outdated, while the mechanics are still in excellent condition.

Unified operation without mistakes

By renewing the control system as well as the operating structure with our modern, customizable ONEoperate operating concept, we achieve more efficient system operation and minimize operating mistakes.

In addition, the plant can be integrated into other systems by means of bus technology in order to record and archive important production and manufacturing data.

Well structured control panel

Integration of all aggregates of a production plant in ONEoperate eliminates the need for additional operator terminals. This creates the technical framework for recording and archiving important production and manufacturing data. Employees can operate the plants with just the push of a button.

The plant thus becomes a central control panel to which the operator has faster access to all plant components, parameters and process variables. This significantly speeds up the response to certain events and optimizes the workflow.

Minimum downtime

An on-site implementation takes place with minimal downtime of your plant and the availability of replacement components is ensured for a long time after a plant modernization.

In addition, our retrofit service increases product quality through permanent monitoring and increases plant availability through reduced machine downtime. Efficiency is increased in a targeted through data-based weak point analysis.

  • Thomas Drechsler

    "I am fascinated by how small changes bring an enormous increase in efficiency for our customers. Often the potential for optimization is already hidden in the existing equipment. Through retrofit measures and targeted upgrades, we can unlock this potential and achieve impressive results."

    Thomas Drechsler, Vertrieb
    since 2000 at BSG
  • "Through targeted programming and technical adjustments, we transform older plants into modern, high-performance systems. It is a challenging and exciting task to add new functions to the existing controls. As a PLC programmer, my goal is to explore the limits of what is possible."

    Michael Wierz, PLC Programming
    since 2002 at BSG
  • "It's amazing how small changes to circuits and cabling can make a big difference in equipment performance and reliability. Every cable has a direct impact on the performance of the plant."

    Benita Wollenberg, Electronics Technician
    since 2022 at BSG
  • Portrait Rainer Merissen Geschäftsleitung

    "We've heard some horror stories. We set ourselves apart from cheaper providers by offering our customers comprehensive service from start to finish. This not only saves them time and money, but they can also rely on support from our experts."

    Rainer Merissen, CEO
    since 1995 at BSG

Your path to your customized turnkey

Customized demand analysis

At the beginning of the cooperation we structure the given information: What are your goals? What benefits do you expect? What is the status of your machine? What are the requirements of your machine? Together, over a cup of coffee and an inspection of your machine(s), we find out what your pain points are and what is really important to you.

Your personalized master plan

In the second step, we develop a clearly structured action plan based on the requirements analysis. This is aimed at increasing your competitiveness as a company. With the combination of your key figures, our industry experience from recent years, we develop a future-proof retrofit concept. We do not sell you a one-fits-all system, but a turnkey solution tailored exactly to your needs. Therefore, analysis and consulting are the most important points.

Wir implementieren Ihr neues Retrofit-Konzept

Based on our systems, we develop applications that precisely meet your needs and are tailored to your specific plant(s). The commissioning is carried out by our experienced employees who have been involved in numerous commissioning projects and approach your production with passion.

Employee training

Together with you, we conduct multiple tests of the new systems in live operation and provide intensive training to all operators until they can operate the systems with ease. The user-friendly and intuitive interface will make it easy for your employees to start working with the new systems right away.

3 a.m. and production is down?

Even after the implementation, we are by your side. Through our 24-hour hotline, we are available to assist you around the clock. We provide you with hassle-free service without maintenance or support contracts and without any upfront costs. Our goal is to ensure that you have continuous support and assistance whenever you need it, without any unnecessary complications or financial burdens.

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