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ONEoperate combines automation and operator interface in a common concept to highly simplify the overall handling of the plant. The system is the central point for operating personnel to make settings and access information.

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Simplified operation

Your employees should be able to concentrate on the production. The handling of the automation must therefore not be an additional burden for the operating personnel.

ONEoperate achieves this: it combines automation and operator interface in a single concept. By concentrating on a central operating unit, the entire handling of the plant is significantly simplified. Reactions to specific events are carried out by the operating personnel directly at the central point.

Integrated control of all plant aggregates

What happens when you have to constantly switch back and forth between different operator terminals? Time loss is unavoidable.

Our innovative concept enables seamless integration of all plant aggregates in a single operating platform. Whether it's machines, controls, sensors or other components - ONEoperate unites them. You no longer need to switch between operator terminals of other control systems.

From specialist to all-rounder: every employee masters every machine

Employees who are only familiar with certain machines are limited in their deployment options. Overall, this leads to delays, quality losses and inefficient workflows.

Imagine your employees being able to operate any machine with ease, regardless of their experience or the specific control system. No more long instruction sessions, no more time-consuming training. Our groundbreaking solution offers you just that - a consistent user interface for all your machines.

Quick access to all plant details

Efficiency and productivity in production require fast and uncomplicated access to important information. With ONEoperate, you have all plant components, parameters and process variables in view at all times.

It offers you intuitive access to all relevant information. Whether you need to monitor plant components, adjust parameters or check process variables - ONEoperate lets you do it quickly and easily. You have everything you need at a glance and save valuable time.

Limitless control for complex plants

Modern production plants are becoming increasingly complex and multi-layered. The challenge is to master this complexity and control it efficiently. With ONEoperate, there are no more limits!

Our innovative concept enables seamless integration and control of plants at any level of complexity. No matter how large or complex your plant is, ONEoperate gives you full control. It doesn't matter if it's individual machines, production lines, or even entire factories - ONEoperate is designed to give you unlimited control.

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