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Automate your production and increase the efficiency of your production plant with just a push of a button - and a central point of contact.

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Press the button and sit back

Are you tired of having to press seven buttons in different places to start up your plant? With our automation, your plant runs at the push of a button. Say goodbye to heterogeneous systems and manual controls. Integrate our automation for more flexibility and scalability.

Time-consuming manual operation

With heterogeneous systems and manual control, adjusting individual plants and troubleshooting emerging issues becomes a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Each system has a different point of contact, resulting in numerous support contacts to deal with.

Dependency on personnel

Having multiple different systems increases complexity, making them more difficult to manually control and monitor. Additionally, relying on the expertise of individual operators makes you more dependent on personnel, which can lead to production downtime.

Lack of competitiveness

Manual control and monitoring of productions can lead to limited flexibility, making it difficult to quickly respond to changes in production or customer needs.

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What obstacles are preventing you from achieving a more efficient production?

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"Our productions are running fine. The operators just need to operate multiple units individually instead of pressing a single button."
"The investment costs are very high. Can I really justify them through time savings and reduced susceptibility to errors?"
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"I have concerns about potential disruptions during ongoing operations. The facilities should not be out of operation during the conversion."
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Flexibility in every aspect

Our production plant automation solutions provide you with the opportunity to increase productivity, save costs, and enhance your quality standards. With flexible, scalable, and secure facilities seamlessly integrated into your existing system, you can capture and analyze data to gain better insights and quickly respond to changing requirements. All of this is done in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Cost-effective and independent planning of new production plants

As your reliable partner, we are here to support you in fully automating your custom-built production plant.

Our service includes the clarification and seamless integration of interfaces between various machine components.

By doing so, we enable cost reduction and provide you with the freedom to choose the best machine components. This leads to increased flexibility and reduces your dependency on specific manufacturers or suppliers.

Establishing standards for the HMI

Creating standards for the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is a crucial step in industrial automation. It involves ensuring a uniform user interface that can be utilized across all plants.

This eliminates the need for specialized knowledge of individual operators. Each operator will encounter the same user interface concept on every plant, resulting in fewer buttons to press or duplicate data entry.

Initiation of complete production automation and digitization.

With plant automation, we are laying the foundation for a complete production automation and digitization. Gradually, processes can be automated and digitized to increase efficiency and productivity.

Automation helps avoid manual errors, leading to higher quality and reduced costs. Simultaneously, the plant is optimized to adapt quickly to changing conditions.

  • Björn Schoofs

    "I have been working in sales for years and have witnessed how companies optimize their processes and increase their profits through intelligent automation. It's a fascinating journey that allows us to push the boundaries of what's possible and provide our customers with groundbreaking solutions."

    Björn Schoofs, Sales
    since 2011 at BSG
  • "As an PLC programmer, I have the privilege of bringing machines to life and ensuring the smooth operation of complex systems. Every line of code I write is like a puzzle piece that ultimately contributes to a perfectly synchronized facility. It's a fascinating and challenging task where I apply my technical expertise every day to enable innovation and efficiency."

    Michael Wierz, PLC Programming
    since 2002 at BSG
  • "I ensure that all wirings are properly connected. It makes me proud to know that our work contributes to making our client's production more efficient. In the workshop, I get to apply my practical skills while also learning about new technologies."

    Benita Wollenberg, Electronics Technician
    since 2022 at BSG
  • Portrait Rainer Merissen Geschäftsleitung

    "We also face the challenge of skilled labor shortage and are constantly searching for new, suitable talents. To help you mitigate this challenge in the future, we automate and digitize our customers' productions. This ensures efficient production even in the absence of skilled labor. Unlocking sustainable growth potentials."

    Rainer Merissen, CEO
    since 1995 at BSG

Your path to your customized turnkey

Customized demand analysis

At the beginning of our collaboration, we structure the provided information: What are your goals? What benefits do you expect? What are the requirements of your plants? Together, with a cup of coffee and an inspection of your current state, we will identify your pain points and determine what truly matters to you.

Your personalized master plan

You provide us with the individual plant components, and we carry out the preliminary engineering. We independently gather all the information about the individual plants from the manufacturers and take care of the information transfer. 

By conducting thorough preliminary engineering, the implementation of the technical solution can be simplified and accelerated, leading to a faster commissioning process. We don't sell you a one-size-fits-all system, but rather a tailor-made turnkey solution designed specifically for you. Therefore, consultation and meticulous preliminary engineering are the key elements in our approach.

We implement your new automation

Based on our systems, we develop applications that precisely meet your needs and are tailored to your specific plant(s). The commissioning is carried out by our experienced employees who have been involved in numerous commissioning projects and approach your production with passion.

Employee training

Together with you, we conduct multiple tests of the new systems in live operation and provide intensive training to all operators until they can operate the systems with ease. The user-friendly and intuitive interface will make it easy for your employees to start working with the new systems right away.

3 a.m. and production is down?

Even after the implementation, we are by your side. Through our 24-hour hotline, we are available to assist you around the clock. We provide you with hassle-free service without maintenance or support contracts and without any upfront costs. Our goal is to ensure that you have continuous support and assistance whenever you need it, without any unnecessary complications or financial burdens.

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