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The ONEview system supports your process management by scanning data from your machines and production lines in real time and processing them in a user-oriented graphical form. Thus, ONEview is your central information point for evaluating the condition of your plants.

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Transparent production visualization

Everyday production is primarily determined by the efficient flow of information. Fast and correct decisions based on relevant information secure the essential competitive advantage.

The ONEview system supports your process management by reading in data from production lines and machines in real time and preparing it in a graphical form.

Transparent, graphical representation of all production plants

Are all machines running at full capacity? Are all machines running error-free? With our system you can see the status of each machine in real time and react immediately.

Thanks to the clear presentation by ONEview, your employees can use their time for more important tasks. They are freed from constant standby and can concentrate on optimizing process flows. This not only increases productivity, but also enables continuous improvement of workflows.

Faster access to multiple plants, parameters and process variables

ONEview puts you in control of your production facilities. You can monitor the status, performance, and parameters of multiple plants simultaneously and intervene selectively when necessary. As a result, you minimize downtime, reduce errors, and maximize productivity.

Central point for all alarms and messages

In your plant, important information is overlooked or delayed, resulting in unnecessary downtime and production losses?

ONEview collects and consolidates all alarms and messages in real time, regardless of which plant they come from. You have full control over your production environment and can respond quickly to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

Machine and control manufacturer

Our system allows you to seamlessly integrate and centrally display all relevant data, regardless of the machines and systems used.

ONEview reads data from different machines and controls in real time and presents it in a unified interface. You have a clear overview of the state of your entire production environment, regardless of which manufacturer you use.

You can easily integrate new machines or controls and merge all relevant data in ONEview.

Take advantage of a central information point. Get started today.

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