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Production optimization

Accelerate your digital transformation by optimizing assets to run safer, greener, longer and faster.

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Lean and efficient

Inefficient processes, manual labor and outdated technology leave you in the dust? Our goal is to optimize production processes to increase your product's output, quality and level of customization without losing sight of on-time delivery. We rely on innovative automation and digitization to eliminate inefficient, manual processes and reduce costs and production time.

Production inefficiency and shortage of skilled workers threaten companies

Inefficient production can lead to low productivity, longer lead times, and higher costs, especially when many workers are needed who can hardly be absorbed by the shortage of skilled workers.

High waste rate eats up many resources

If production processes are not optimized, this can lead to a high waste rate, which means that many goods produced do not meet quality standards and therefore cannot be sold.

Long delivery times drive customers into the arms of the competition

Do you have full order books, but your on-time delivery performance is falling and resource planning is becoming a challenge? Often the entire order processing has not grown with you.

You would like to increase the efficiency and quality of your production, but are unsure about the optimal solution?
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What obstacles are preventing you from achieving a more efficient production?

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"We don't rebuild our production because of ideal concepts while everything is still running."
"We would like to optimize our production, but we don't even know where to start."
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"With holistic digitization, is our data even secure and can we trust the technology?"
Don't wait until it's too late. Keep reading!

Say goodbye to inefficient production

We work with you to develop a customized solution for your requirements and increase the efficiency of your production. Because this is the only way your company can remain successfully competitive. We focus on lean, modern production systems and use our expertise to put you on the path to a successful digitization and automation concept.


Continuous production due to less unnecessary downtime

Our overall automation is easily expandable and specifically designed for continuous production processes without unnecessary production downtime.

This allows you to perform maintenance with minimal downtime to ensure continuous production for greater efficiency and productivity.


Less dependence on employees due to uniform and intuitive operation

Companies often suffer from a shortage of skilled workers and the expert knowledge of operators can become a bottleneck resource. Long and intensive training periods and inflexible deployment of operators make work even more difficult.

Intuitive and simple operation avoids incorrect entries and misunderstandings, which increases product quality. Any operator can intuitively operate any machine and quickly share his knowledge with new employees.


Transparent overview of the entire production - at any location

Often, there is one operator per plant who has to constantly monitor the machine status. This gives him less time for more important tasks and there are many employees who are on permanent standby.

Our transparent overview of the entire production on all devices makes it possible to recognize plant conditions at a glance, which leads to faster elimination of downtimes and plant faults. The overview allows operators to work on more important tasks.

  • "Automation is not just a trend, but an opportunity for companies to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve their competitiveness. As experts in automation, we know how important this is for our customers. That's why we support them with individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs."

    Felix Schlesinger, Automation Expert
    since 2006 at BSG
  • "We know that digital production is the key to success in the modern business world. In digitizing production, we use the latest trends and technologies to ensure that our customers are always up to date."

    Stefan Kaubisch, Automation Expert
    since 1996 at BSG
  • "I work closely with various disciplines, including engineers, technicians and manufacturing staff, to seamlessly integrate the electronic aspects of production. I always make sure that safety standards are met and that the electronic systems function reliably and efficiently."

    Benita Wollenberg, Electronics Technician
    since 2022 at BSG
  • Portrait Rainer Merissen Geschäftsleitung

    "We also face the challenge of skilled labor shortage and are constantly searching for new, suitable talents. To help you mitigate this challenge in the future, we automate and digitize our customers' productions. This ensures efficient production even in the absence of skilled labor. Unlocking sustainable growth potentials."

    Rainer Merissen, CEO
    since 1995 at BSG

Media breaks adé: Optimized production processes without Excel chaos

Correct and up-to-date data - without countless Excel lists. At all handover points where information is transferred manually, incorrect entries can occur, leading to high time losses, misunderstandings, lack of organization and faulty analyses.

We bring together previously separate sources of information in order to exploit optimization potential. For a seamless bridge between competencies of business planners and plant operators in production. Through the database organization of all data necessary for production, transmission errors are excluded.


Continuous production independent of downtime

Manual processing of orders on paper is a thing of the past, as they are now set up digitally from a central location.

Thanks to the implementation of IoT technologies, continuous production can be ensured, regardless of server system failures and maintenance. The ability to perform maintenance and changes during operation reduces long downtimes.


Unnecessary work is eliminated by centralizing the really important data

Previously, work preparation had to be done manually and orders were processed by hand on paper, which was error-prone and took a lot of time.

With the integration of production processes into a digital system, work preparations are set centrally for all plants. By entering data once, the risk of errors is minimized and employees can concentrate on their actual tasks.

The transparency and actuality of all data is guaranteed at all points.

Your path to your customized turnkey

Your personal full-service provider

Your plants, machines, employees and processes are individual. Together we take a look at the material and information flows involved. This allows us to analyze the entire process. What are your goals? What benefits do you expect? What does Industry 4.0 mean for you? 

Most people still find it difficult to define this word. Naturally, this makes it even more difficult to develop a clear vision of what your own, digital plant of the future should look like. We can help you with this!

Your personalized master plan

Based on the conducted needs and potential analysis, in the second step, we create a clearly structured action plan. This plan aims to increase your company's competitiveness. 

With the combination of your key figures, our industry experience from recent years and your growth forecast, we develop a future-proof overall concept. We do not sell you a one-fits-all system, but a turnkey solution tailored exactly to your needs. Therefore, analysis and consulting are the most important points.

We implement your new overall concept

Based on our systems, we develop applications that precisely meet your needs and are tailored to your specific plant(s). The commissioning is carried out by our experienced employees who have been involved in numerous commissioning projects and approach your production with passion.

Employee training

Together with you, we conduct multiple tests of the new systems in live operation and provide intensive training to all operators until they can operate the systems with ease. The user-friendly and intuitive interface will make it easy for your employees to start working with the new systems right away.

3 a.m. and production is down?

Even after the implementation, we are by your side. Through our 24-hour hotline, we are available to assist you around the clock. We provide you with hassle-free service without maintenance or support contracts and without any upfront costs. Our goal is to ensure that you have continuous support and assistance whenever you need it, without any unnecessary complications or financial burdens.

Fully automated production. Get started today.

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